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This site has just been created and is very much in the early stages. it's funtional but you may see changes occur frequently at first as im making changes daiy. It should not affect you.  But remember to refresh as pages and features get added.

Notice will be given when the first full version of the site is running

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30/06/22 I managed to get all current episode of the Rape of Britain on youtube. Just follow THIS playlist

Roscoe and fury greenlit after successful first episode!

Launch of the channel "Rude by choice!"

The Rape of Britain 3 PROMO

Tommy starts ramping up for episodes 3 and 4 of the Rape of Britain

This friday daytime 3rd june Roscoe and Fury reunite in thier first podcast in some time. 

Tom Fury visits wendy and jupiter and talks about ethnicity.

Rape of Britain Two: Irish Landord doubles down and defends alleged groomers and gives them Tommys number the moment he left...

Where to watch:

What about what?

I am Tom Fury, i am an outspoken 

Podcast host, activist, journalist and video editor. I try to speak with little filter,

I consider what i do and experiment in honesty as much as anything else.

I have done live coverage of many events including Tommys trials, I have done my own "walk n talk" show I have worked on productions with urban scoop, The voice of wales, danny roscoe and Richard inman to Name a few. I am a for Britain supporter and do semi regular interviews with anne marie waters. In short i have been around the block with some of the to people, trying to fight against madness and depravity. I an also doing a channel based more around entertainment. I do need to pay for this podcast, plus it will be a high quaility channel but will have no relation to this one but mightbe fun for some of you. keep an eye out for "stranger than fiction"

I am Rude By Choice.



Rude by Choice!

New podcast Launching 

Rude by choice is a podcast that moves away from activism and is a sometimes satirical, aways factual look at some of the history, false history and facts that have been proven that are incredible to believe. The types of stories you have to see with your own eyes. And the debunking of fantasy history, Even the weather, facts can be a lot more fun!


Roscoe & Fury

In thier second outing they have two goals, one: dont be shit. Two: Dont give a shit!

Rude by choice

Keep an eye on the Updates section for the launch of this channel which while informative, aims to be satirical and just stupid at times. Coming very soon

Tom's Weather Fury Forecast:
Storm and tornado forecasts and footage

Predicting what the met office isn't allowed to, watching storms and busting bulshit regarding the weather. During summer months some violent times can be caught on camera. Updates coming here.

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